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4:05 am

to a stunned wanderer
Have you ever felt electricity within a person? Have you ever stayed under the rain just to feel alive? Have your lips touched a starry silent sky? I wonder if one day I’ll find all the answers I’ve been looking for, if I will ever get tired of your eyes or if you’ll remain as my deepest mystery. Time passes so fast, it goes away like crystal water dripping from my hands; I wish I could stop and rewind, go back to those moments when we were so transparent, maybe too fresh and afraid, but god, so sure about each other. We were the world and nothing else mattered, we were together and life was just an endless road of memories and dreams to share. I would go back then and take a picture of us mid laughing, looking at each other, all covered with kisses during a random weekday evening. I fear my mind will slowly erase those moments, the ones I don’t want to forget ever. But let’s face the truth, you’ll be gone soon and I’ll be gone too. This is all I have.
You’re the d…