Summer nights are softened by your hands
the lack of light show us the real monster
who lives in the deepest cave of our hearts.

This velvet sky now blooms in your polished lips,
last dawn you rode its clouds like a fucking cavalier
and everything was glowing water between your thighs;
you whispered in my ear the secrets of the stars
scattering your silky blood all over my dreams,
but nothing was real beneath my eyelids.

Awakened by the pale sound of an anonymous sigh
we drive ourselves into the nothing-road
where everything is handled by a stunning ecstasy.
Acid tones dye our veins under the blankets
while we breathe the air or something similar;

listen to the earth- you said
some voices are truly scared
let’s run through the burnished flowers
filling our throats with their scented swells. 


  1. ¡Hola!
    He dejado un premio para ti en mi blog, espero que puedas pasarte y que te guste.


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