I can barely breathe when I'm here, when everybody's there. I'd go away and leave everything if I could. I don't care about anything... We're learning with the dust while nothing changes. I'm wide awake but still dreaming and this life is such a disaster.

[Just a field of eyes, morning lovers who set you free within the sun. I thought about them at dawn. The sky was a skin of mallow in my brain and they were flowers blooming in a unfixed heart. I love them in my head]

This city lights me up. I look at the floor and I can see the sunset in. Floating in these words, driving myself to ruin. At least I'm sure of one thing, I won't miss anything.

Maybe a song. Sweet chords with the sadness of the world in them. A song that you don’t understand because you don’t know my sadness. You don’t know the road where I’m walking in.

[You used to be my beast, the wanderer of my streets, the sun above my eyes. You used to be the whisper in my ear, the face that showed the light on me, the answer of a dead question]

What it is a goodbye? 

Who are you? 

[Life is an orbit at the end of an eye: a heart like a nest]


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